Bloomberg Philanthropies

Partnership for Healthy Cities

Noncommunicable diseases account for 67% of deaths in low-and middle-income countries, but only 2% of global health funding addresses them. To help combat this disparity, we partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Partnership for Healthy Cities on a series of spotlight films profiling developing city governments around the world and the impact of their work on local communities.

This project was featured heavily on the Bloomberg Philanthropies website as well as the Vital Strategies website.


Artistic Approach

We deployed production teams around the globe to capture the stories of individuals whose lives have been directly impacted by the foundations’ work. We layered verite-style interviews and b-roll with integrated data-driven graphics to bring to life the success metrics achieved in each city.

Amman, Jordan: Smoke Free City

In 2017, Amman, Jordan—where 70% of male residents count themselves as smokers—joined Partnership for Healthy Cities with the goal of enforcing local regulation around smoking in public spaces and raising awareness about tobacco’s harmful effects.

Cali, Colombia: School Nutrition

To get to the root of widespread food insecurity and youth obesity rates in Colombia, we traveled to Cali, the heart of the country’s healthy food education efforts for educators, parents, and teachers alike.

Accra, Ghana: Road Safety

In Accra, we captured how local governments are improving safety for both pedestrians and drivers through the reconstruction of one of the most  dangerous intersections in the city.


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