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Fernando Nation

In Fernando Nation, produced for ESPN Films’ 30 for 30, Mexican-born and Los Angeles-raised director Cruz Angeles traces the history of a community that was torn apart when Dodger Stadium was built in Chavez Ravine and then revitalized by one of the most captivating pitching phenoms baseball has ever seen: Fernando Valenzuela.

Archive image from Fernando Nation


Nicknamed “El Toro” by his fans, Fernando Valenzuela ignited a fire that spread from LA to New York — and beyond. He vaulted himself onto the prime-time stage and proved with his signature look to the heavens and killer screwball that the American dream was not reserved for those born on U.S. soil.





Still image at Dodger Stadium from Fernando Nation


In this layered look at the myth and the man, director Cruz Angeles and producer James Lawler recall the euphoria around Fernando’s arrival and probe a phenomenon that transcended baseball for many Mexican-Americans. Fernando Valenzuela himself opens up to share his perspective on this very special time. Even 20 years later, “Fernandomania” lives.

Where to Watch

Fernando Nation is available for streaming on Disney+, ESPN+, and for DVD purchase on Amazon.

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